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Hillsong United-All Of The Above


So what can I say…I love Hillsong United. Even though this is there first studio album it doesn’t fail to deliver there distinct sound and passionate lyrics. You can’t really describe it…United is something you just have to listen to. All the songs share a piece of Hillsongs heart and lead you into a passionate worship encounter with God. My personal favorites….Solution and Lead Me To The Cross. So… I couldn’t resist but to share this album with you (I know it’s not out in the US yet…and probably illegal but…) Click Here! I have a lot to say and share about this album so keep keep checking back.


the short

Hellooo... My name is Cameron and I have started using this little thing called WordPress. I have a passion for God and serving Him. I also love music and art. I will be attending Cedarville University and double majoring In graphic design and youth ministry. I hope to use this place to share with you whats on my mind and what I find in the internet world. I have a lot to share, though I am a little slow on the posting part. So keep checking back and hopefully ill keep this thing updated.

something quick to chew on

"Otherness gives us a sense that God is so pure, matchless and unique that no one else and nothing else even comes close. He is altogether glorious—unequalled in splendor and unrivalled in power. He is beyond the grasp of human reason—far above the reach of even the loftiest scientific mind. He is inexhaustible, immeasurable and unfathomable—eternal, immortal and invisible. The highest mountain peaks and the deepest canyon depths are just tiny echoes of His proclaimed greatness. And the blazing stars above, the faintest emblems of the full measure of His glory." -Matt Redman


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