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Music News: Desperation Band


Looks like we will be seeing some new stuff from the Desperation Band…its been awhile.


O Praise Him

I was reading 1 Kings and about times when King Solomon would be on his knees with his hands raised to the heavens just praying and singing out to God. I watched this video to Davids classic song “O Praise Him” and it made me realize thats how we should be. Not distracted by others around us but focused on worshiping God no matter what the circumstances. Pretty sweet video…watch it :)

My Toms


Buy a pair of shoes…and a child in need gets a pair too. simple enough. makes a difference. I like it. Check it out…Toms Shoes

NEW MacBook Pros!!!


Simply Beautiful.

Solution Video

Here is a “Solution” music video with Joel Houston sharing his heart…its amazing how many people they reach and how far they travel to share Gods hope…defiantly watch this.

Music News-Part 2

I wish there was one site that provided everything you wanted to know about Christian music! Everything out there is so scattered and out of date…

Keep your eye on these artist…

Steve Fee
His newest album “Burn for You” is a top seller on Independent He’s on tour so check his site.

Kristian Stanfill
This guy is one of my favorite worship leaders. He is still yet to update his site or add any songs to his myspace. I really like the song Beautiful Jesus off his new EP entitled “Hello”. Hopefully he will release more soon…

Tim Hughes
His latest album “Holding Nothing Back” has been out for awhile… though I thought it was worth mentioning…

Jeremy Riddle
Recently released his new album “Full Attention“. Personally, I think he sounds a lot like Shane and Shane. I really enjoy how he combines a choir and distinct sound into many of his songs.

Music News-Part 1

Alright let me show you what I got…


Hillsong United
Hillsong United has finally released “All of the Above” in the US. Now good luck on finding the CD+bonus DVD (For some reason stores only have the CD) Personally, I would buy the CD and start rocking out!…everything on the DVD is pretty much on YouTube anyways. But if your absolutely desperate for the bonus DVD I would order it from Australia. Now I have had the album for quite sometime…months before it was released in the US, and I must confess this album is unbelievable…so get it.

Also, Hillsong will be releasing “Saviour King” sometime in July. Only reson I mention this is because they did do a couple songs from United’s “All of the Above“. I think its interesting to hear the different ways they play the same song.


David Crowder Band
The anticipation! Other then a new band member and a picture theres not much to be heard… Check the story out at Davids Xanga. Though i did find a YouTube clip with some poor quality concert recoding. It doesn’t quench much, but it gives you a taste. I’m excited, its going to be a great album…

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Hellooo... My name is Cameron and I have started using this little thing called WordPress. I have a passion for God and serving Him. I also love music and art. I will be attending Cedarville University and double majoring In graphic design and youth ministry. I hope to use this place to share with you whats on my mind and what I find in the internet world. I have a lot to share, though I am a little slow on the posting part. So keep checking back and hopefully ill keep this thing updated.

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"Otherness gives us a sense that God is so pure, matchless and unique that no one else and nothing else even comes close. He is altogether glorious—unequalled in splendor and unrivalled in power. He is beyond the grasp of human reason—far above the reach of even the loftiest scientific mind. He is inexhaustible, immeasurable and unfathomable—eternal, immortal and invisible. The highest mountain peaks and the deepest canyon depths are just tiny echoes of His proclaimed greatness. And the blazing stars above, the faintest emblems of the full measure of His glory." -Matt Redman


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